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2019 Skate To Excellence Teams

Please join us on Wednesday, March 6th from 5:00-8:00 PM at the  Super Rink.

Participants of the 2019 STE season will try on jerseys and Skate To Excellence gear.



About Skate to Excellence

Skate To Excellence was created in 2002 to help young skaters improve their stride and increase speed, along with developing their individual skating, shooting, passing and puck handling skills while getting ready for the upcoming season.  Over the years, as the participants skills have improved and the mite level players have developed into squirt and pee wee hockey players, our mission for Skate To Excellence has not changed.  It doesn't matter what age or level you compete at, all players can improve on their stride, puck control and hockey sense.

Skate To Excellence's goal is to have all participants have a fun and positive experience while learning and improving their own individual and game situation hockey skills.

Skate To Excellence clinics are offered year-round.  They give players a chance to work on power skating, edge work, shooting, passing and puck handling through repetition and over speed, and also provide time to emphasize teaching hockey sense and the understanding of more hockey strategies.

Skate To Excellence is committed to expanding our clinics and continuing to grow to teach and instruct hockey skills to develop the complete hockey player.


Skate to Excellence College Honor Roll

  • Gabbie Hughes University of Minnesota-Duluth Commitment
  • Anneke Linser University of Minnesota-Duluth Commitment
  • Emily Brown University of Minnesota Commitment
  • Kenzie Wiley St. Cloud State University Commitment
  • Kennedy Spiering Sacred Heart University Commitment